February 2016

Darkness is the absent of light… or is it…? Can darkness have the ability to love or is love just from light? So many questions… is darkness evil? So what is darkness? The universe is made up of mostly darkness with a few points of light. We are both made up of light and dark are we not? So if the creator creates with light and dark why are we so afraid of the darkness? The word darkness… to most represents evil… What is evil? A man made twisting of energy… meant to do your bidding? Our own perverted hate sent to creation to develop our twisted ideas? Entities that their sole purpose is the destruction of all light and love? So we create evil… Long ago the Creator asked the darkness to take on this huge burden and they agreed… They would take our hate into their spirits and become and do what we asked… This went on for many thousands of years… The time is coming to an end… The darkness soon will no longer bend to our will. This energy will fall off freeing the darkness to come back to the light… They were apart for too long. All the learning and knowledge is done. Now things will start to become balanced once more… Darkness is not meant to be filled with fear… It is meant to be peaceful… like a baby in the mothers whom. Teaching us patience and the ability to dream… It is a place of great healing… we were meant to heal in the light and heal even more in the darkness. We have been taught to hate a huge part of ourselves… creating a void that we have never been able to fill. There will be many that will not understand what I am saying… Too caught up in old fears that go back thousands of years… I will pray that they wake up soon and begin to understand that darkness is awaking and letting go the burdens that we created. The light is rejoicing in their return to freedom with all the knowledge they have collected… The tears of the creator are coming to an end… balance and love taking its place. We must forgive ourselves for what we have done… the void is almost lifted and may our sight be returned once more.