April 2016 – 2

There are times when I am compelled to speak to anyone who may listen… Many read however do not truly listen to the message. Almost all my life I had dark energies that plagued me… They never were able to do much however sleep deprivation became a real concern… see every time they came I would at some point wake up… When I moved to the Yukon… I had 9 nine of them bothering me at once… by this time in my life I became very familiar about every aspect of their behavior and purpose. I had major validation… they were very real. I was also traveling to other dimensions. I was in a dream with these 9 dark energies… if you have never experienced this you will not understand how hard this is… even to take a step takes huge concentrations… I stood in the kitchen and said to God enough is enough I need this to end… God spun me around very quickly and everything became peaceful again… The whole room lit up… I walked to the living room and two of the spirits left immediately and never returned… Six came up from the basement and just stared at me… and one walked toward me and we touched figures… That is when I knew the light was coming from me… the spirit wanted help… He wanted to start coming back to the light… so I helped him do that… I woke up… only 10 minutes went by since I last looked at the clock. None of these spirits ever came back again. After this night everything changed… I was able to contact my guides with help from a friend… After this everything exploded… When you start down a path into the spiritual real… so many things become clear… Your eyes are open and you see how many eyes are closed… It is very difficult for people because it is like living two lives at the same time… I have had thousands of experiences that I cannot possible get into at this time… people are very judgmental and when you are able to speak and travel into different dimensions’ people judge and judge hard… This does not matter to me anymore… I have been in dark places and some of the most beautiful places I have ever seen… I am able to bring light into the darkest of places so that energy can be transformed… the people that do not understand…will someday. God has shown me the power of love and also the reason for darkness… My understanding about life and death has grown a thousand times and still I know very little compared to the universal truth… Some people say it is evil to talk to spirits and travel into the spirit real… however it is ok for them to live in fear of making a mistake and burn in a fiery pit for eternity. The God that I know is all loving and wants ever single spirit to be what it was meant to be. He has never given up on a single soul and never will… I am not here to judge anyone…if you think this then you have misunderstood what I am saying… I am here to show people that we are spirits and God loves every one of us… We all have a purpose… and we need to follow that no matter what it is. Stop judging everything and everyone around you. Instead try to understand and give then a helping hand… I have been shown my purpose in great detail and I will never give-up on that. We are all great spirits and have accomplished great things in the hardest of circumstances… When you are shown the light… you will always walk its path… even in death.