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November 11, 2017

My mom past away on November 11-1993 from a long battle with cancer which spread over a decade. This image is in memory of a beautiful strong woman who I owe my life, strength and courage to. I am proud to have been your son. I Love and miss you mom. Be with your family […]

April 2016 – 2

There are times when I am compelled to speak to anyone who may listen… Many read however do not truly listen to the message. Almost all my life I had dark energies that plagued me… They never were able to do much however sleep deprivation became a real concern… see every time they came I […]

December 2015

I hear so many times… God will punish… God will destroy. What God do they refer to? God flows within us all… God is part of the trees, rocks, air, water. God is part of everything. So we are part of everything as well. So nothing can be destroyed… only transformed. God does not punish […]

November 2015

At the edges of the universe a huge doorway opens… allowing a select few to enter. Within lies a race forgotten and misunderstood by time. They watch over us… guiding us without question or praise. Planting the seeds of balance and wisdom… Some call them angels… however they are created for one purpose. The balance […]

February 2015

The night has shown me to look deeper into my spirit to see all aspects of myself… To understand the darkness is to understand yourself… To know what darkness is… is to embrace it… keeping it in balance…Balance in spirit, nature, and life… makes us whole… makes us able to see past all the hate… […]