November 2015

At the edges of the universe a huge doorway opens… allowing a select few to enter. Within lies a race forgotten and misunderstood by time. They watch over us… guiding us without question or praise. Planting the seeds of balance and wisdom… Some call them angels… however they are created for one purpose. The balance of the universe and its spiritual races. They ask for no praise or glory… just the understanding of the potential of our race. There are many that are walking …blind to the potential they possess. The fear that grips them… prevents them from seeing what really contributes to their grief and misery. Not able to truly love one another… Instead they choose to hurt and think of no one else… only me… me… me. Balance and wisdom will take away the feeling of self and bring back the love of all… the love for all living things. Understanding how our action and thoughts can change our future… past and present.