February 2015

The night has shown me to look deeper into my spirit to see all aspects of myself… To understand the darkness is to understand yourself… To know what darkness is… is to embrace it… keeping it in balance…Balance in spirit, nature, and life… makes us whole… makes us able to see past all the hate… To see that peace is possible if only we all just stop, listen, release, and forgive each other… Letting love transform our thoughts, feelings and spirits… bring …them all back into balance. Peace is forgiveness, balance and love. This my friends is very much possible if we just take the first step towards change. Letting go of all our fears… replacing them with love.

While taken Northern Light pictures I came across a series of images that appear to have a skull look directly at me… It was a quite night except for the cracking and pushing of the ice… While some may be freaked out by this Image I embrace it. Death means change and when the creator shows us this image he is asking us to make a change not a little change… A major change. So lets all start to bring things back into balance. We made this world out of balance, so lets all bring it back into balance. We all are brothers and sisters so lets start acting like it and set our ego, greed and lust aside and fix what we have created.